2018 NASSS Annual Conference
Sport Soundtrack: Sport, Music, & Culture

Warren Smart

University of Brighton
Delivery of values-based education through the Football4Peace methodology in multiple contexts.

The Football 4 Peace (F4P) programme utilises a values-based pedagogical model, developed by academics at the University of Brighton, to promote emotional wellbeing, personal development and responsible citizenship through sport. F4P was originally conceptualised to facilitate peace building and conflict resolution in locations characterised by cross-community conflict, political disorder and social disintegration. Since its inception and initial work in Northern Ireland, the UK based project has expanded to work in multiple locations and contexts (nationally and internationally) including areas currently in conflict (Israel/Palestine), areas in post conflict (Columbia), countries preparing for peaceful coexistence (South Korea) and locations with continuing historical tensions (The Gambia). Recently, the programme has also trialed an expansion into the UK state education context with the methodology being adapted and delivered via CPD training to up-skill primary school staff in the teaching of PE. This paper explores the F4P project in these multiple contexts and discusses the challenges faced in their set up and delivery, the successes so far and future directions.