2018 NASSS Annual Conference
Sport Soundtrack: Sport, Music, & Culture

Jamie Ali

Western Illinois University
Poster Presentation
Marketing to Season and Non-Season Ticket Holders in Sport

The purpose of this research study is to gain insight on the marketing that goes into professional/collegiate sports. Organizations across the US are generating more revenue annually through ticket sales, broadcast rights agreements, and corporate sponsorships according to Rein et al., (2015). This study will examine the history of marketing in sports, the way sports marketers identify fans, and how to generate ticket sales. Rein et al., (2015) states, and “Even as the cost of doing business continues to rise, teams and leagues are facing an increasing amount of domestic and foreign competition and new threats to traditional revenue streams.” Some of the threats that teams are facing is coming from the secondary market for ticket purchasing. The method used for this study was secondary research. There was one participant used for this study. The instruments that were used was a questionnaire with 10 open-ended questions.

Session: Socio-Cultural and Economic Aspects of Youth Sport Involvement
The Influence of Shoe Companies in AAU Basketball

The Amateur Athletic Union is one of the largest non-profit and multi-sport event organizations for amateurs, founded in 1888. AAU boy’s basketball can be viewed as an outlet, providing opportunities for middle school through high school athletes a chance to secure a college scholarship. AAU basketball tournaments are held in April-August giving amateur athletes the chance to play basketball year round, also giving college coaches the opportunity to begin recruitment and scout athletes on and off the radar.
    Shoe companies like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour have a tremendous influence in the AAU basketball circuit. AAU basketball coaches and these top shoe companies influence amateurs to sign with schools that have the same sponsorship as their AAU basketball teams. Nike, Adidas, and Under Amour all hold high profile basketball tournaments during the summer where the shoe reps are granted access to converse with the AAU coaches, players, and parents influencing them with sponsorship deals (Mattioli, 2014). Mainly focusing on the teams that have success during the tournaments and or individuals athletes who have the potential to make it to the pros. “ It’s all about keeping the shoe contracts and making the shoe companies happy. If you’re winning, then shoe companies are going to provide” (McDaniel, 2017). Our presentation will focus on the economic impact that the shoe companies have on the players and families when it comes to recruiting.

Lack of leadership roles for women in sport
The purpose of this study is to explore the lack of leadership positions women have in professional and collegiate sport. Through evaluating the research on the positions that women currently hold, the next step is to find various approaches to help women move up to executive positions. International sport organizations such as International Olympic Committee and Fédération Internationale de Football Association are among the lowest in percentage for having women in leadership roles. These two organizations have never been lead by women and are still making strides to have women placed in executive board positions. In the United States the NCAA  across all division levels has hired nineteen women in the first half of 2017 alone. These women hold positions as athletic directors and commissioners. The conclusion that is made is that there are women that hold leadership roles and are even leading organizations and companies. Their still needs to be representation for women and also mentorship programs that are available in the sports industry for the current numbers to keep increasing.