2018 NASSS Annual Conference
Sport Soundtrack: Sport, Music, & Culture

Hyejin Jo

Simon Fraser University
A Critical Analysis of a Documentary Film of South Korean Speed Skating Mass Start Men in Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

This paper will critically interpret the storytelling of a short documentary film, also called a "mini-docu," that deals with some of sports teams that have had remarkable careers in the past and that were temporarily broadcasted in every Olympics season in South Korea. The study will focus on the case of Speed Skating Mass Start Men in South Korea; in particular, it aims to look at how the media portrays winners and losers outside of the mega-event's context and how it represents them as deserved players or teams by highlighting the harsh circumstances through which they have been. The work will touch on socio-cultural and political aspects of youth sports involvement and critique sports coaching and environments in reference to power relations. This present paper will contribute to criticizing the discourse surrounding the Korean Skating Union's politics.