2018 NASSS Annual Conference
Sport Soundtrack: Sport, Music, & Culture

Eric Stone

University of Maryland
“Do-It-Yourself”: Exploring the Entrepreneurial-Self in Sport for Development and Peace
“Do-It-Yourself”: Exploring the Entrepreneurial-Self in Sport for Development and Peace
In light of the ongoing call for more critical sociological approaches to Sport for Development and Peace (SDP), scholars have turned to theories of governmentality that offer alternative perspectives of power and power relations to examine how SDP initiatives facilitate social inclusion for youth deemed as “at-risk” of marginalization and exclusion, particularly in the global north (Darnell et al., 2018; Hartmann and Kwauk, 2011; Kelly, L., 2012; 2018). These youths are encouraged through participation in SDP programs to internalize and accept the notion of the “entrepreneurial-self,” a responsibilized and rational subject that acknowledges and mitigates risk in the everyday, thereby ensuring their continued success in life (Besley, 2010; Hutchesson et al., 2018; Kelly, P., 2001). Importantly then, this project explores how youth are taught to embrace responsibility and risk, and examines the inculcation of the entrepreneurial-self through three different approaches to SDP programming: positive youth development, crime reduction/prevention, and social inclusion/integration (Besley, 2010; Kelly, L., 2012; 2018; Kelly, P., 2001). In doing so, I aim to explicate the ways in which this knowledge inscribes SDP participants as pathologically problematic subjects in need of programmatic redemption, and problematize this development of the entrepreneurial self through SDP programming as an ideal outcome.