2018 NASSS Annual Conference
Sport Soundtrack: Sport, Music, & Culture
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Jessica W. Chin

San Jose State University
Active learning strategies, when implemented effectively, can lead to increased student engagement and higher levels of significant learning. In contrast, traditional teaching formats that maintain conventional use of time and space, including lecturing, embed students in colonial-inspired praxis and can stifle student interaction and learning. Dr. Scott Freeman, a leading scholar on active learning strategies, has even argued that lecturing is racist, pointing to the ways in which underrepresented minorities and students of color are often disadvantaged and marginalized in traditional classroom settings. When teaching a critical sociology of sport, professors can start to decolonize praxis through nontraditional, active learning strategies, creating learning spaces that empower students to pursue knowledge using multiple and diverse approaches. In this presentation, I will present a flipped classroom lesson plan that incorporates an experimental storytelling assignment. Using Google Tour Builder, students will be tasked with demonstrating their understanding of a sport sociology topic through the construction of a virtual tour. Providing students with the tools and freedom to apply sociological concepts to an understanding of the built environment around them, opens unique opportunities for drawing connections to their own lives and perspectives, moving toward a more empathetic and decolonial praxis.